Read another user's WhatsApp conversations

  • Once the target account has been successfully hacked, WaHacker's algorithms will copy the full database of compromised account and deploy it on a customer's Dashboard. The database will include the target user's message history, which can be either viewed on the Dashboard or downloaded to the device as a ZIP archive. To facilitate and speed up the work with correspondence, the application interface has the built-in smart message search system.
  • Online Message Spy

Start Wiretapping Someone Else's Account

  • Wiretapping implies safe transmission of the audio signal of a call to the customer's Dashboard. WaHacker exploits the intercepted verification code to log in to the target WhatsApp account on the virtual device and track the calls. Once an incoming or outgoing call has been identified, the application will notify the user of this. The customers using advanced software functionality can also enjoy the call recording feature.

Tracking Someone Else's Location and Travel Routes

  • Dashboard is equipped with the built-in interactive map system that can help the customers track the travel routes and current locations of devices the hacked account has been authorized on. This feature is also suitable for those who want to track the geolocation of a lost device. The set of features for working with GPS data also includes hacking of geotag history and monitoring the messages related to scheduling and setting up the appointments using AI technology.
  • Track a device on a map

Upload the files from someone else's account history

  • WaHacker users get access to a full archive of attachments including all the related documents, media files as well as archives in .ZIP and .RAR formats. The archive is updated in real time and can be viewed online (for the documents and media files) or downloaded to a device of choice. You can also configure automatic downloading of certain types of files to your device. Cloud file storage has a size varying from 5 to 20 GB, and is also available depending on the used service package.

Hack A Call History and Contact List

  • Once a contact list has been successfully hacked, the customers will gain access to the full contact list of the account owner. Depending on the privacy and confidentiality settings of the device the compromised account has been authorized on, WaHacker can also access the internal contact information on the device such as caller IDs, phone numbers, organizations, and related media files.
  • Tracking a Call History

Intercept the verification code for authorization to the target profile

  • All the customers can request a verification code request. The software asks the account access recovery system to send an SMS message with a verification code that can be used to log in to the target account on a new device. Then WaHacker intercepts the SMS and duplicates the code in the user's Dashboard. The code can be used within 5 minutes upon receipt.

Hacking the WhatsApp database through WaHacker the app users can access the following data packages:

Call log

The call log includes the time and duration of past calls. You can track, wiretap and record new calls.

Message History

You can check the text or voice messages that will be correspondingly converted into a .TXT and .MP3 files if you decide to download them to the device of your choice.

GPS Data

Track current location of target user and monitor geotag history that will be correspondingly converted to a CSV file with coordinates if you decide to download it to the device of your choice.


Get outgoing and incoming messages with URLs, and track the number of clicks on links.


View the attachments with data archives and media files. The files in .TXT, .DOCX, .XLS and .CSV formats can be viewed online.

Media Files

You can view the photos that will be correspondingly converted into a PNG image if you decide to download them to the device of your choice. Check the audio and video recordings that will be correspondingly converted to MP3 and MP4 files if you decide to download them to the device of your choice.

Contact List

A table with each contact data can be viewed online or as a CSV file if you decide to download it to the device of your choice.

Authorization Password

A verification code is available upon request and can be used to log in to the target account within 5 minutes upon the request.

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3 Things That Make WaHacker The Best WhatsApp Hacking Solution

Unique User Interface

To view and manage the data of the compromised account, WaHacker users get access to optimized third-party interface, that is, the WaHacker's Dashboard. Exploiting a third-party interface, we ensure full security and anonymity of working with the target account database. Using the Dashboard, our customers don't interact with the WhatsApp platform itself, preventing the messenger's security system from receiving any information about themselves.

Continuously Updated Features

We are committed to keeping WaHacker on the cutting edge of technology. In addition to the user-oriented interface, the current version of our software is equipped with the built-in GPS tracking systems for monitoring and wiretapping the calls, AI and so much more. We value your feedback and try to quickly reply to all the comments and address the suggestions from our users.

Transparent Data Processing Policy

Confidentiality is a very important aspect in the system of values and development program of the WaHacker application. We guarantee that all the data of our customers is kept confidentially. Before saving the data package on the server, the system exploits double encryption technology to increase database confidentiality and prevent any data leakage to the third parties.

Choose Your Plan

Start tracking a phone number with WhatsApp Spy in 3 simple steps.

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How to Track Someone Else's WhatsApp Without Phone Access?

Follow the next 3 steps to access another WhatsApp account's database in 15 minutes:

How It Works
Create an account in your WaHacker Dashboard.

To do this, just indicate the phone number linked to the target WhatsApp account on any page of the online application. Complete a quick registration and log in to your Dashboard.

Explore the service packages and choose the most suitable one.

To ensure full anonymity of tracking process, we recommend using cryptocurrencies to replenish the balance of your Personal Account.

Wait for the hacking process to complete, and start spying on someone else's WhatsApp account.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with all the software features to faciliate the spying process and make it more versatile.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's account, now you know how to do this.
Let's discuss the main problematic issues that may arise.

Will I be able to log in to the compromised WhatsApp account?

Yes, you will be able to do so. To log in to the target account on your device, please request a verification code on your Dashboard.

What kind of software do I need to download to launch WaHacker?

To launch WaHacker, you won't need to download any software. It is a web application that can compromise someone else's WhatsApp account and work with obtained data. Therefore, you only need to have an up-to-date browser version and a high-quality Internet connection.

How soon will I be able to access the database of compromised account?

Usually, our software can hack an account in about 15 minutes. Once the target account has been successfully hacked, the system will notify you of that matter and you can start working with obtained data.

I want to hack multiple WhatsApp accounts. Can I do this via single WaHacker account?

Yes, you can do it. To hack another WhatsApp account, go to the Settings of your Dashboard and click on the "Add Hacking Session" button in the "Active Sessions" tab.

What Our Clients Say About Us

You can read the user reviews, leave your comment or suggestion on the page User Reviews.

I am delighted with what WaHacker can do to keep us safe. It is a perfect tool that allows me and my husband to follow what our children are up to, track their gadgets and travel routes. A+ performance!
Pavel Rovako
You will never truly understand what it means to worry about your children until you become a parent. Our children think they are all grown up now and often do whatever they please. For better or worse, now I at least know who they've been talking to.
Anna ♥ Hownshield
This tool has quickly become my spy app of choice. It has been upgraded many times from the start and it is almost perfect now. This tool is really very important for every user.
Sasha Kehl
It is more than just a spy app. It offers both innovative and traditional tools. Everyone needs to know the whereabouts of own children.

Premium monitoring app

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Security Architecture

Using WaHacker, our customers pay for the services only upon successful completion of the hacking procedure and verification of obtained data.


International Customer Support

Premium Customer Support works around the clock to solve any of your problems. Do not hesitate to contact us and get advice from a competent manager.


Regular Updates

A team of technical experts keeps working on the updates to expand application functionality and improve overall performance.

Hacking and Remote Monitoring of Someone Else's WhatsApp Account

To track the activity on someone else's WhatsApp account, you need to choose reliable and completely secure software that won't harm your device and important data. To safely spy on another WhatsApp account, choose an online application that does not require installation and provides access to the file system. Among available spyware, WaHacker is the fastest and most anonymous solution for hacking someone else's WhatsApp online.

How can I send messages on behalf of the target account owner?

To do this, you need to log in to the compromised account on your device. However, we strongly discourage you from doing this because you might end up getting caught and lose an access to the target account.

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