Read WhatsApp chats and hack chat history

  • WaHacker software is a unique solution that helps the users access the full chat history of someone else's WhatsApp account along with all the backup copies. Once the target account has been hacked, the application will extract the backup copies of the data, duplicate and display them on a customer's Dashboard. The software can also recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

Track new messages and notifications

  • The app uses a virtual device to track new messages. In this way, you can anonymously track WhatsApp correspondence without a risk of being caught. The app tracks and instantly duplicates all the new messages on the Dashboard, and then notifies a customer of that matter.

Wiretap Recordings of Other People's Voice Messages

  • To play the voice messages and other audio files, you can use the built-in player on the Dashboard. In addition to the standard wiretapping feature, the player's toolkit can also change the playback speed and and the quality of the audio track. You can also download the voice messages to your device in MP3 file format.

Read the correspondence in group chats

  • Apart from monitoring a correspondence of a hacked group chat, the user receives information about chat creator, and can access the contact details of the chat participants. It is also possible to learn which chat members were added, removed or left the chat. Please note that WaHacker users can view only the part of group chat conversation that the owner of hacked account can see.

The Tools Facilitating the Management of Hacked WhatsApp Correspondence

Smart Search Through Message History

Apart from quick search by message body, you can also run special search by using AI. The application can search through someone else's WhatsApp correspondence, minding the grammatical errors or identifying the parts of correspondence in which the target users discuss scheduled meetings or events that they intend to attend.

Flexible Alert System

The alert system enables the users to configure the settings in such a way that the software will inform them of any incoming and outgoing messages in chats with specific users, or the messages containing certain keywords. Thanks to special integrated feature, our customers can now set up a specific alert schedule, or get notification only about the messages sent by the target user at certain time.

Downloading the Archive of Messages to the Device

If necessary, the customers can download the message database to the device and view the content online. All the downloaded chats are converted to TXT files (for the text messages) and MP3 files (for the voice messages), which are then compressed into a ZIP archive. Thanks to professional and highly accurate technological support on the servers, we can ensure an unprecedented upload speed.

WaHacker allows you to access your WhatsApp account database and do the following things:

Voice Messages

You can wiretap the voice messages online, download them to your device as an MP3 file and change the playback speed.

Text Messages

You can view the text messages online or download them to your device as a TXT file and search the required information.


You can view the attachments online for the documents in .DOC, .TXT, .XLS and .CSV formats, or download one file at a time or all the files as a single archive to the device of your choice.

Group Chats

You can hack someone else's correspondence, search required information by messages, or find out more about the creator and moderators of the chat. You can also learn which users were added, removed or left the chat.

Call Log

Learn more about the time, duration and caller IDs. Get new call alerts.

Favorite Messages

Read the starred messages and get information about previously added but deleted messages.

Media Files

Monitor sent and received photos, videos, and audio recordings.

Deleted Messages

Read the hacked messages and get information about the date and time of message deletion as well as new message deletion notifications.

Hack WhatsApp

How can I track another user's WhatsApp conversation?

Register WaHacker account

You can register WaHacker account via email address or authorize via Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

Choose a suitable pricing plan

Carefully check the features of every package to choose the best option for yourself.

Wait for the monitoring session to end

The software will notify you when the monitoring session is complete. Once the compromised account has been hacked, you will be able to start reading the correspondence.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's account, now you know how to do this.
Let's discuss the main problematic issues that may arise.

Can I simultaneously track WhatsApp conversations on multiple devices?

Yes, the number of devices on which a WaHacker account can be authorized is not limited for users of any service package.

Is there any way to improve the anonymity of tracking process?

We make sure that tracking process is anonymous to the maximum extent, yet you can increase your own privacy by using cryptocurrencies to pay for WaHacker services.

How many WhatsApp users can I hack with the WaHacker app?

You can simultaneously launch up to 5 WhatsApp chat monitoring sessions.

How often does the app update the compromised account database?

The application continuously updates the database of compromised account. The database of target WhatsApp account is updated in real time with a maximum delay of 5 seconds during data duplication.

Can hacking of someone else's WhatsApp account correspondence ever fail?

No, WaHacker can hack any WhatsApp account. However, the system may fail to hack the target WhatsApp account that hasn't been linked to specified phone number.

How to Track Someone Else's Correspondence in WhatsApp

Please carefully read the User Guide before you start tracking someone else's WhatsApp correspondence. Learn the app features to maximize the level and quality of tracking process.

To track WhatsApp messages with WaHacker, you only need an up-to-date browser version and a stable Internet connection. The application allows you to track WhatsApp correspondence from any device with any operating system.

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