You can track not only correspondence, but also movements

  • The WaHacker toolkit lets our customers track different types of activity on compromised account along with the dynamics of a target user's travel routes. The application gains access to the geodata of the authorized iOS device in the invisible mode. Next, it displays a user's current location and the history of his travel routes on the Dashboard.

Scaling the Hacking Process

  • The software can scale hacking, opening access to someone else's iPhone contacts, gallery, notes and so much more. The functionality and the number of synchronized data types depends on which service package the user chooses to buy. To learn more about the basic features of WaHackers and the ways of expanding them, please read Pricing Plans and Terms of Use.

The application is ideal for parental control.

  • To set up control over your child's iPhone activity with WaHacker, you don't need to access the target smartphone. You just need to specify the phone number linked to WhatsApp, and let the application take care of the rest.

The application allows you to hack all the user passwords.

  • After obtaining required access and permissions, the application gains access to the "iCloud Keychain". After that, the user can view, copy and use any passwords of the owner of compromised account. To minimize the risk of being caught, we recommend using virtual devices for logging in to other people's accounts.

After hacking someone else's WhatsApp on iOS, you will gain access to the following features and data packages:

WhatsApp and iMessages

View and download message history to the device / Track new messages / Wiretap the voice messages.

Media Files and Attachments

View the photos and videos sent and received via WhatsApp / Synchronize with the gallery of authorized devices.

iCloud Keychain

View and copy all the passwords stored in the iCloud of compromised user.

Location Data

Check the broadcast of the user's current geolocation on your Dashboard / Track history of his travel routes as a table of coordinates.

Call Log

Get CSV table with information about call participants, duration and time of the calls.

List of Contacts

Get downloadable and importable Contact List in iPhone and WhatsApp / Favorite contact list / Blocked contact list.

Information about Payments and Subscriptions

Get the full history of withdrawals and replenishments of a user's account in the AppStore and iCloud / History of purchases of virtual goods in applications.

Requesting WhatsApp Verification Code

You can request a one-time verification code for subsequent authorization to WhatsApp account.

Hack WhatsApp Online

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Hacking someone else's correspondence in WhatsApp on iOS device: How It Works

Locking a Target and Checking the Hackability

Once the user has specified the phone number linked to the target account, the software will initiate a test request to restore access to the account. If WhatsApp confirms the possibility of recovery, the software will notify the user of this matter and proceed to the next step.

Requesting Access Recovery and Intercepting SMS

The software will send another access recovery request and exploit a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol to intercept an SMS message with a verification code. Using the code, the application can log in to the target account on the virtual device.

Copying the Database and Granting Access

After logging into the account, the software copies the account database and duplicates it on the user's Dashboard. The software also starts tracking all the new account activity and broadcast it to the Dashboard in real time.


Can I download someone else's WhatsApp backup on iOS?

Yes, the data archive available on the WaHacker Dashboard will store all the ever created backups of the compromised WhatsApp account.

How to recover other people's WhatsApp messages on your phone?

To restore a backup copy of someone else's account on your phone, download the WhatsApp backup to your device, log in to the hacked account (you will need to request the verification code through your Dashboard for this), and then specify the path to the downloaded backup.

Will I be able to locate the users who have set up Family Sharing with the owner of the compromised account?

Yes, you will automatically get access to the geodata of such users if they have opened access to their geolocation to the owner of the compromised account.

How to Track Another Person's iMessages Online?

To track other people's iMessages, register in the WaHacker app and pay for a service package with the corresponding features.

What Our Clients Say About Us

You can read the user reviews and leave your comment or suggestion on the page. User Reviews.

David Listerman
Currently, phone tracker applications are in great demand. What comes to my business, I got to know all the representatives of this field. I can assure you that WaHacker is the perfect balance of cost, performance and compatibility.
Irina Orlova
I like to know what my children are up to. I connected the app and configured it in just a matter of few minutes. As I have family access, I only pay for one phone number and save a lot of money on that👍.
I got disappointed with Apple's Locator when I lost my iPhone📱. It went offline almost immediately and didn't give any signals after that. I immediately connected WaHacker to all my new devices. It works just fine.
It's just pure magic! I couldn't locate my girlfriend, googled this app and launched it. It quickly helped me to find her at her girlfriend's place. I definitely recommend it.

Reasons to Choose WaHacker to Hack WhatsApp on iOS

WhatsApp spy app for iPhone hacks another person's WhatsApp account in just a matter of 15 minutes. The combination of hacking techniques used by the software ensures maximum security and confidentiality of the hacking process. Before spying on someone else's WhatsApp account, please read the Software User Guide to fully understand all the app features. Learn how to spy on WhatsApp on the iPhone without having to use Jailbreak or access iCloud.

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