Tracking incoming and outgoing calls

  • This Whatsapp call tracker app logs in to the hacked WhatsApp account on the virtual device and immediately starts tracking new calls. Furthermore, WaHacker copies all the information about past calls along with time, duration, and caller IDs and then shows all of them in the "Call Log" tab on the user's Dashboard.

Wiretapping and Playback of the Calls

  • Directly to the user's Dashboard, the application broadcasts audio and video signals from the virtual device. Using a virtual device for broadcasting calls coupled with a third-party interface for wiretapping offers maximum anonymity and security and removes the chance of the messenger's security system spotting suspicious activity.

Tracking Calls in Group Chats

  • A more flexible tracking and alert system is available for group chats. For example, a user can configure the software to Track someone through WhatsApp or video calls. Regarding group calls, the call log will also contain information regarding the time of joining or leaving the conference for each user.

Recording the Voice and Video Calls

  • The calls can be recorded with WaHacker software. However, a lot depends on the service bundle you select. The App gives users 5 to 20 GB of storage space for call logs. Customers can change the default audio and video recording quality to conserve storage space.

Tracking and wiretapping WhatsApp calls with WaHacker is about

Steady and Flexible Instant Alert System

By creating the alert scripts, the customers can activate notifications for certain hours and days or the calls made in specific chats or groups. We boosted the speed of sending alerts in our Whatsapp call tracker app and hence improved the flexibility of their configuration. Within 5 seconds, the customer is informed about the initiation of a call by the target user.

High-Quality Audio and Video Transmission

The software ensures the high-quality transmission of audio and video signals to the users even with slow Internet connection speed. Our App to track call history always operates steadily due to the advanced technological support and the presence of several independent servers.

Flexible and Loyal Pricing

WaHacker app service bundles are created so users only pay for used services. Any necessary features can be added at any moment by customers. Launching a single monitoring session would cost you considerably less than launching many monitoring sessions to attack multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Choosing the most suitable service package to own and enjoy the following features

Voice Calls

You can modify the signal quality of the App, which sends audio signals to your Dashboard.

Video Calls

You can change the signal quality as the application broadcasts audio and video signals to your Dashboard.

Call Log

Find out the time, date, length, and caller IDs.

Group Conferences

The application broadcasts audio and video signals to your Dashboards, allowing you to track who has entered and exited a conversation that interests you.

Flexible Alerts

Receive immediate call notifications and customize the alerts based on the call's participants and the time of day.

Access to Device Cameras

The user must have WhatsApp camera access enabled to gain access to the device's camera.

Call Recording

The program captures both audio and video signals. You may control free storage space and alter the recording quality.

Requesting a Verification Code

This Call history tracker app initiates a request and detains an SMS message with a verification code to log in to the compromised account.

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Wiretapping WhatsApp calls with WaHacker: How it Works.

To Track someone through WhatsApp, this App can be used in 3 easy steps:
Lock the Target

When registering, a user specifies the phone number linked to the target WhatsApp account. The software checks the hackability of the account in question and notifies a user of the results.

Hacking and Authorization

Once a customer has paid for the service package, the application will request the recovery of access to the target WhatsApp account and intercept an SMS message with a verification code. The software will log in to the compromised account on the virtual device using the code.

Broadcasting the Calls

Once a customer has paid for the service package, the application will request the recovery of access to the target WhatsApp account and intercept an SMS message with a verification code. The software will log in to the compromised account on the virtual device using the code.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's account, now you know how.

How to Track someone else's Calls on WhatsApp?

To Track someone through WhatsApp calls on someone else's WhatsApp account, complete registration in the application, pay for the suitable service package, and wait for the software to complete the hacking process. The application can complete a hacking session in about 15 minutes.

What is the likelihood of being caught by the compromised user?

The chances of you being caught are close to zero thanks to a combination of hacking, tracking, and wiretapping methods eliminating the possibility of identifying suspicious activity in the hacked account.

What if the signal is interrupted or delayed during a call broadcast?

Usually, you need to lower the quality of the video broadcast. However, please ensure it is not your Internet connection speed to blame.

Is it possible to hack group conference calls?

Yes, all WaHacker users can enjoy this feature.

How to wiretap someone else's WhatsApp and track the call history?

The WhatsApp call tracker app can autonomously wiretap calls in someone else's WhatsApp account and let the users view other people's call history. The software is designed to ensure that calls from another WhatsApp account can be safely wiretapped. If you still have questions about how to track WhatsApp calls, we recommend that you read the User Guide to learn to hack WhatsApp calls in a proper way.

Can I wiretap the calls from multiple users?

Yes, for this you need to add new monitoring sessions on your Dashboard. To do this, go to the Account Settings > Monitoring Sessions tab and click the Launch New Session button.

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