Continuous Accurate Location Tracking

  • With WaHacker, you can track the target user in real time. We continuously broadcast the geolocation of an owner of hacked WhatsApp account with a maximum delay of about 10 seconds and a maximum margin error of 5 sq.m.

Monitor travel history of a target account owner

  • Once the application has gained access to the database of target account, it will copy all the required information about account owner's travel routes stored on the WhatsApp servers. Our customers will be able to check and analyze all the data available upon installation of WaHacker. The tool will also indicate the exact time spent by the target user at any point of his travel routes.

The Log of Geotags and Coordinates

  • The geotag log stores all the coordinates and broadcast sessions of a current location ever sent or received by the target account. Moreover, WaHacker's algorithms detect and reflect all the messages containing geographic coordinates used in one way or another. Geotags and coordinates can be viewed in a table format or on an interactive map.

Track the planned travel routes and meetings

  • One of the latest software updates has integrated AI feature. Hence, WaHacker can currently process and analyse someone else's correspondence, and extract the messages in which the target users mention or discuss the meetings or events they plan to attend.

WaHacker Tracks the Travel Routes of Any WhatsApp User Online

App doesn't require download and works on any device

The WaHacker software has virtually no system requirements. WaHacker is a web application therefore the users don't need to download or install any software to geolocate someone else via WhatsApp. For the software to operate steadily, a browser and a steady Internet connection will do. The software is compatible with all the types of devices and operating systems.

We ensure fully anonymous and confidential application performance.

The WaHacker team emphasizes user safety as the primary value of the product. Fully anonymous monitoring of WhatsApp location is achieved by means of combining advanced account database hacking methods. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the data policy pursuant to which all the user data is stored in an encrypted form and is not transferred to the third parties under any circumstances.

Continuous Product Development

We constantly analyze user experience and efficiently process obtained feedback. Based on received data, we create a list of necessary improvements and new features to consistently incorporate them into the existing software through smaller and larger updates. Before releasing the update, we always run a beta test.

How to Track Someone Else's Location via WhatsApp

Follow three steps to quickly and safely geolocate someone else with WaHacker:

Specify a phone number linked to the target WhatsApp account.

Enter the number in the international format “country code + phone number”. The software will check the ability to setup geolocation tracking and notify you of the results.

Complete registration and pay for the service package.

To ensure full anonymity of monitoring process, we recommend using cryptocurrencies to replenish account balance on the Dashboard.

Wait for the monitoring session to end

Hacking the target account usually takes about 15 minutes. Once the target account has been hacked, you can log in to your WaHacker account on all the devices you plan to use for monitoring purposes.


The user of my interest is in another country. Will I be able to track him?

It doesn't matter. It's enough if GPS is enabled on a user's device. Satellite transmits GPS data therefore the app can track the target user even with the mobile Internet being disabled on the monitored device.

How accurately can WaHacker track another WhatsApp user?

WaHacker is quite accurate and can locate another WhatsApp user with the maximum displaying error margin of about 3 sq. m.

Can I track a user's location if s/he has disabled GPS on their device?

It depends on the type of target device. However, we guarantee that the software will show you the last point the target user was at before the GPS was turned off.

Can WaHacker locate a lost or stolen device?

Yes, the application can find a lost or stolen smartphone.

Geolocate Other Users Fast

Registering single WaHacker account, you can track the location of 5 different WhatsApp users. Should you need to track the target users from the Contact List of an already hacked account, feel free to use a Quick Hack feature. Thanks to this feature, now you can hack another account just by pressing one button. By the way, launching multiple monitoring sessions, you will pay less for a single one!

How to Track Someone Else's Location on WhatsApp via IP Address

WaHacker application can track someone else's location on WhatsApp by IP address. To find out the whereabouts of a target WhatsApp user, just specify his phone number and complete a short registration in the system. The application will hack the target account in about 15 minutes and provide you with an access to the complete account database, including all geodata-related information.

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