Hack WhatsApp on Android Without Accessing the Device

  • Unlike most spy apps available on the market, WaHacker is a web app. This means that you don't have to download or install any software to your device to hack a WhatsApp account of your interest. All you have to do is create an account, specify a target user's phone number, wait for the monitoring session to end and enjoy the result! You can track an activity of compromised account right from your browser.

Root Access Is Not Required

  • Currently, WaHacker is the only software that does not require root access to ensure steady performance. Why is it important? All the beginning computer users, who are not so much into learning of specific features of the Android system, won't need to figure out how to enable root access for the application. It will also get rid of problems related to the use of antivirus software.

The application is not afraid of antiviruses!

  • The software works via the HTTPS data transfer protocol, therefore all antiviruses are considered safe by default. This significantly simplifies account hacking, because antiviruses usually block, slow down or completely limit the spyware performance.

The application does not consume device resources.

  • The web interface doesn't consume much of the device's RAM. Unlike applications that require installation, WaHacker operates autonomously, supported by the hardware and servers from our side. This feature makes our app especially convenient for those who are not using the latest smartphone models.

Hacking Someone Else's WhatsApp on Android via the WaHacker app

Message History

Get full history of personal and group chats for the entire lifetime of the account and track new messages.

Contact List

Get all the data available to the hacked user about the participants who are in his contact list and who are in the same group chats with him.

Account Activity

Track new activity on your WhatsApp account on Android device. Enjoy a flexible alert system and create new alert scripts.


Track the current geolocation and travel routes. Check GPS broadcast and geotag history.

Call Log

Get the full history of voice and video calls as well as information about the time and duration of a call, and learn a caller ID.

Account Backup Copies

Download all ever created backups of the compromised account.

Media Files

View or download the full archive of all the attachments, photos, and videos.

Verification Codes

You can request an unlimited number of verification codes for subsequent authorization to the target account.

Hack WhatsApp Online

Benefits of Using WaHacker to Hack WhatsApp on Android

Guaranteed Security

The application completes certain actions to provide a user with an access to the data packages of the compromised account so that the messenger's security system wouldn't be able to trace any hacker's data.

Tracking Account Activity from Multiple Devices

We don't limit the number of devices on which users can log in to their WaHacker account. You can also use your smartphone, computer or tablet to track another person's WhatsApp activity. The web application has a cross-platform interface that adapts to a screen of any size and resolution.

To hack someone else's account, you just need to know the phone number linked to it.

The software interacts directly with the messenger's database and data transfer protocol. Hence, to hack someone else's WhatsApp account, you just have to indicate the phone number linked to the target account. It doesn't matter whether the account owner is online and whether his phone is turned on. The software will be able to access the account database under in either case.

Choose Your Plan

Start tracking a phone number with WhatsApp Spy in 3 simple steps.

1 2 3
One number Basic
99 .00 /usd 149.00 $
user 2
Three numbers Optimal
237 .00 /usd 387.00 $
user 3
Five numbers Business
345 .00 /usd 595.00 $

Hacking Someone Else's Correspondence in WhatsApp on Android: How It Works

Locking a Target and Checking the Hackability

Once a user has specified a phone number linked to a target account, the software will initiate a test request to recover access to the account. If WhatsApp confirms that account recovery is possible, the software will notify the user of that matter and launch the process.

Requesting Access Recovery and Intercepting SMS

The software sends another request to restore access, and then exploits a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol to intercept an SMS message with a verification code. Using the code, the application can authorize to the target account on the virtual device.

Granting Access to a User

Once the software has successfully logged in to the target account, it will copy the account database and duplicate it on the user's Dashboard. The software will also track account activity and broadcast all the new to the Dashboard in real time. Once the target account has been successfully hacked, the application will notify a user of it.


Where can I find the APK file to install WaHacker?

You don't need this file. WaHacker is a web application. To get started, you just need to register in the system and make sure that you have an up-to-date browser version.

What rights are required for the software to work properly on Android device?

To download the compromised account database to the device, you must provide the browser with an access to the device memory.

How often do I need to download and install the updates?

You don't need to do this as the WaHacker web app updates offline.

What features should Android device have to hack WhatsApp via WaHacker?

For the application to steadily operate, stable Internet connection and a modern version of one of the popular browsers will do. WaHacker is fully compatible with any smartphones, tablets or computers.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Kira sun
I lost my cool Galaxy phone and couldn't find it. Google search didn't help at all. I happened to come across this website and discovered that my phone was lost in the grass on the site of a country house! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I was really happy to learn that.
Andrew Dimidoff
I track my friends through online spyware. They don't know what is happening and how I do it. Trust me, this is a lot of fun.
Alexey Kol'sky
My children have all sorts of smartphones and tablets. Once I installed the Kaspersky tracker to follow their whereabouts but got really tired of that annoying program! The app was really slowing down the devices, the children got nervous... This app is just amazing. It does the job very fast and you can learn all you need to know on a single Dashboard.
Stellmen star
I let my wife to track my phone so that she wouldn't worry about my whereabouts! Now she worries much less because she always knows where I am and what I am about to do. And I don't need to tell that all to her.

WaHacker web application is the best way to hack WhatsApp on Android device!

WaHacker is a spy app for Android device that helps to hack someone else's WhatsApp. To understand how to hack WhatsApp on Android device with WaHacker by using a phone number, we recommend reading the Software User Guide. Currently, WaHacker is the most reliable way to track someone else's WhatsApp on Android compared to other available solutions on the market.

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