Recover WhatsApp Account Online

  • If you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp backup, don't worry. Recover WhatsApp account data by using newly developed, innovative software, and you'll be able to access both the deleted messages and the whole message history. Messages that have been deleted can be viewed on the associated Dashboard tab or in the message window, where they will be marked with a cross-shaped icon. Additionally, you may see each message's update history.

Downloading the Database from the Dashboard

  • In the "Data Archive" page of your Dashboard, you can download the whole account database. It will include a history of messages, attachments sent and received, geotags, and even details about previous account sessions. Additionally, you can download the archive of your delete whatsapp message recovery for a certain time frame or, for instance, the history of a specific chat's messages.

Requesting SMS with Verification Code

  • Go to the "Settings" page of the Dashboard to log into your WaHacker account. You can click the "request the Verification Code" button there to instantly receive a verification code for account login. Keep in mind that the code is valid for 60 seconds. You can ask for the verification code again if necessary.

WaHacker: Alternative Tool for Working with WhatsApp Account Data

  • You can use this application as an interface to manage your account database once WaHacker successfully provides you with a whatsapp backup and data restore. You can quickly login to your WaHacker account through a browser by using a user-friendly online application. As a result, using the program, you may easily access anything that occurs in your account on any device.

Find Your Lost Smartphone

The smartphone application can assist you in locating a lost device. An online map is integrated into the user's Dashboard, showing the location and routes of all devices permitted for your WhatsApp account. If you turn off your smartphone, the app will display the last location of the missing device before it was disconnected.

Restoring a Backup Copy

Access deleted WhatsApp messages with ease using WaHacker. Even if you are unable to access the email address connected to this account, you can still restore all of your account's correspondence. Due to the high upload speed, the backup copy is downloaded at your highest possible internet connection speed.

Recovering a Deleted Account

This application gives you the chance to delete whatsapp message recovery and other database. The account database is kept on the servers of WhatsApp until a new account is created to the linked phone number. Keep in mind that only premium customers have access to recovering deleted accounts.

Choose Your Plan

Start tracking a phone number with WhatsApp Spy in 3 simple steps.

1 2 3
One number Basic
70 .00 /usd 100.00 $
user 2
Three numbers Optimal
168 .00 /usd 240.00 $
user 3
Five numbers Business
210 .00 /usd 300.00 $

Recover WhatsApp via WaHacker app!

To access the tracking feature, you have to follow simple steps:

Enter your phone number and register account

To get started, enter the phone number and click the "Restore Access" button. Once the system has confirmed the hackability of specified number, complete a quick registration via email address or log in to account through Google, Instagram, or Facebook.

Select the most suitable pricing plan and pay for the services.

To access the whatsapp backup and restore data, choose the basic WaHacker service package. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other packages, the software has a wide range of features that you may want to use in the future. For example, with WaHacker you can download all the ever created backup copies of your WhatsApp account.

Wait for the software to access account of your interest

The application will request from the WhatsApp security system a message with a verification code, intercept it, and log in to the target account on the virtual device. After that, the software will notify the user of successful access recovery.

Authorizing and Repeatedly Requesting a Recovery Code

You can now get a verification code to log in to your WaHacker Dashboard and access your account. Once you've given permission, you can go to Settings and select "Delete Account" to have WaHacker remove all of your personal information from the database.


If you've been looking for the best way to track someone else's location, now you know how to do this.
Let's discuss the most important issues.

I'm not sure if I remember correctly the phone number the account is linked to. Can I check this somehow?

Yes, you can. Once you have launched account recovery process, the application will show you the username and profile picture of the specified account. If this is not your profile, you can click on the “This Is Not My Account” button and try again.

How long does it take to restore an account?

The entire process usually takes about 15 minutes.

Can I delete my WaHacker account after regaining an access to WhatsApp?

Yes, to do this, go to Settings > Delete Profile. Once you have clicked on the “Delete WaHacker Profile” button, all your profile data will be deleted and cannot be restored.

How safe is it? Will the WhatsApp security system block my account during its recovery via WaHacker?

Don't you worry, the entire process is completely safe. So far, not a single case of blocking a WhatsApp account has been recorded in the entire history of the software use.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Suzanna Fox🍑
I lost my phone while living in another country. The operator refused to restore the phone number asking me to pay a personal visit to the office with a passport! I found a way out and recovered it through this application. I am very pleased with the result. Fast and reliable A+ performance!
Zakir Abdulharimov
My employee keeps letting me down. He confessed everything in private correspondence, but later deleted those messages. Using this application to recover deleted messages, I was able to resolve the conflict situation in the company.
Den Sitnikov
My WhatsApp profile was hacked! I have no idea who wanted to do this, yet the damage has been done. The customer support simply ignored me, but I was able to simply and quickly restore my account through this site. Thank you very much!
Olga Belova
There were very valuable memories in old WhatsApp account that I was not able to recover since another person got already hold of this number. I was very happy when I found out that I can restore my account without having to access a phone number. Thank you for that 💕!

Last Update

WaHacker 6.3.4: Synchronization with Dual Band GPS Module

Now, if your smartphone has a dual band GPS module, the application will display the device's location with maximum accuracy. If, the software does not identify authorization to the account on the new device within 60 seconds after requesting the first code, it will automatically request the verification code again.

Bulletproof Hacking of WhatsApp Account

The software assesses the account's hackability before attempting to restore deleted WhatsApp. If there isn't an account associated with the given phone number, WaHacker will let you know.

Restore WhatsApp Account History and Backup Copies

The WaHacker application allows the users to restore a copy of WhatsApp without having to access the phone number the target account is linked to. To learn how to recover WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp account, read the WaHacker's User Guide.

Hack Anonymuously Someone Else's WhatsApp Account

Incognito mode allows users to view messages, download attachments and perform other actions related to their WhatsApp account while maintaining their offline status in the messenger. This feature will be useful to anyone who wants to anonymously view the messages of interest.

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