How to Discreetly Monitor a Loved One's WhatsApp Account

You may have heard about the privacy concerns of user data on mobile networks, more precisely, the security hole in signalling systems no. 7 (SS7). Some tech-savvy users could exploit this vulnerability to read someone else's WhatsApp message. Fortunately, today you don't need to understand complex technical systems. You can use one of the ready-made solutions to gain full access to someone else's account.

How to Discreetly Read the Messages of Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend in WhatsApp
How to Discreetly Read the Messages of Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend in WhatsApp
How to Read Other People's Messages in WhatsApp

Today we will consider ready-made software products that can help the users to get full information about another person's actions in the popular messenger. And, of course, we will start with the software that exploits the above SS7 vulnerability, that is, security hole in the signalling system #7.

How to Read the Messages of a Husband or Wife in WhatsApp with WaHacker

WaHacker gains access to someone else's account due to the ability to intercept the verification code to log in to the target account:

  • The application connects to the subscriber's mobile network;
  • It opens the target account in the messenger;
  • Then it intercepts the verification code to activate the account;
  • And automatically enters the received numbers to gain full access to the target profile.

After that, the web application collects all the information about the user's activity, collects the received data into a single archive and makes them available for viewing or download.

The software operates independently and requires from the user only to specify the phone number of the target subscriber and press the button "Launch".

Launch WaHacker to read other people's messages in WhatsApp!
ЗLaunch WaHacker to read other people's messages in WhatsApp!

Popular Applications for Reading Other People's Messages in WhatsApp

But it is not only about the SS7 vulnerability allowing third parties to gain access to other people's accounts. Therefore, let's talk about software that employs other ways to obtain targeted information.


The performance of this software directly depends on which operating system the target subscriber's smartphone is running on (iOS or Android).

It's very easy to access the activity histories of iPhone owners. To do this, just open Spyic and enter the iCloud login details for the target device. In this way, you will get access to all the information that is stored on the subscriber's account, including the user's correspondence in WhatsApp. You can do this by selecting the "WhatsApp" tab in the "Messengers" section.

But finding out the iCloud login details can be quite problematic especially when it comes to the ones of a loved one. Moreover, entering registration data on third-party servers is not always safe and very unreasonable. After all your actions, third parties will get a hold of information that will allow them to manage all iOS devices linked to the target account.

For Android devices, things look a little more complicated. First, you will need to install Spyic on the target subscriber's phone. Then you will have to go to the application and make sure that everything is configured correctly. After that, you would have to hide the Spyic icon so that the user won't notice third-party software on his smartphone.

The Final Stage of Configuring the Application
The Final Stage of Configuring the Application

Fortunately, you don't have to get the root rights for this software to complete the full process. But you will have to physically access the target user's device. And this is the most problematic moment so far. In addition, the installed software can be easily noticed and removed by the victim from his smartphone.


This utility allows you to read your child's messages in WhatsApp as well as monitor all actions on his smartphone. But to use this software, you must first install it on the device of subscriber you wish to monitor.

  1. Register a new account in the app.
  2. Install the utility on the target smartphone.
  3. Enter the earlier specified login details.
  4. Customize apps according to your requirements.

Now you can get full information about the user's actions on the network or just read his messages in WhatsApp. You can decide which app features you would like to us. But remember that a person who is at least a little versed in modern smartphones will easily spot such a spyware utility. And you will easily get caught if you will happen to be a single victim's phone user.


This is another popular program that requires preliminary setup. To use it, you need to download the certain file from the official website of the application, transfer it to the target user's smartphone and activate the software installation process. Then you need to complete registration, that is, enter your email, create a password, and enter information about the victim's smartphone in the appropriate field. The final step is to log in to your TheTruthSpy account on the victim's device.

The Features of Spyware for Android Devices
The Features of Spyware for Android Devices

Please note that this approach has the following disadvantages similar to the ones of Spyzie or Spyic for Android devices:

  • App user needs to install software on the victim's smartphone.
  • The likelihood of detecting a third-party application is fairly high.

The Final Word

There are many programs for spying on users of smartphones and tablets. In this post, we have discussed only the most popular ones. But other utilities such as Cocospy, Phonesheriff, XySpy, etc. have roughly similar features and allow you to discreetly monitor user actions.

Unfortunately, almost all of them require preliminary setup on the target subscriber's phone. Of course, if you want to read a child's messages in WhatsApp, then this shouldn't be a big deal. But installing third-party software on a husband's phone or trying to monitor a wife or close friend might easily cause a quarrel if you get caught.

If you want to discreetly control the actions of your spouse, easily read your girlfriend's or boyfriend's messages in WhatsApp, you might want to consider using other software. The safest and most effective way is to use the tools that can get remote access to someone else's account without having to use the resources of the target user's devices.

In this case, WaHacker would be the best solution to go with. After all, this is the web application that allows you to anonymously access all the user information stored in WhatsApp.